unlearning is a collection of talks selected from ID’s Digital Library, co-curated by Renée Bellamy and Jay Yule as an alternative entry point and companion to the 2022 International Festival of Learning. Each speaker proposes reconsideration, recontextualisation and renegotiation as a means of gleaning a new and previously unknown perspective from something otherwise familiar.

Cristina Rosa and Suzi Weber lead a participatory session, arguing that the space of alterity or otherness can be a creative state. In conversation with Maddy Costa, Jo Bannon discusses her identities as a heterosexual woman and disabled person as lenses through which she experiences life in capitalist patriarchy. Anna Pakes probes the notion and purpose of authorship in relation to choreography. ‘Funmi Adewole explains Walter Mignolo’s theory “border-thinking:” a decolonial approach to thinking about epistemology, and how this has fed into her practice as a dramaturg. Marina Collard, Nicola Conibere, and Heni Hale discuss two projects that reassess the mundane and the everyday.