Unwrapping d a n s e with Rosalind Crisp (2016)

Australian choreographer Rosalind Crisp both dances and talks in this presentation about her practice of choreographic improvisation and the evolution of her work from The  d a n s e  project (2005-2015) to The Boom Project (Melbourne 2015). Over 30 years she has created a substantial body of original dance work and a method to transmit her practice; here, she reveals more about her artistic process and how she sustains and transforms it over time.

undoing the hegemony of embodied history

an unfinished dance by a saturated body

an ongoing practice exposed…

To watch the video with closed captions, click CC on the bottom right of the screen.

This talk and performance was part of WinLab 2016 and Crossing Borders 2016, presented in partnership with London Contemporary Dance School.