5th Gill Clarke Day (2016)

Gill Clarke

Co-director of ID and pioneering dance artist Gill Clarke died on 15 November 2011 after many years of living with cancer. Her vision and ethical commitment continue to underpin ID’s work today.

Gill’s day invited both Gill’s friends and those who didn’t know her to gather to celebrate and discuss her legacy. In 2016 ID hosted a 5th anniversary event that included live performance, recorded talks, a film collaboration between Gill and Becky Edmunds, space for reading and discussing material from her library, class led by Charlotte Darbyshire, performances by My Johansson, Helka Kaski & Rosalie Wahlfrid.

An accompanying Crossing Borders talk was held with with teachers who worked with Gill during her many years at Laban; Kirsty Alexander, Kathy Crick, Charlotte Darbyshire and Laura Glaser. They presented their perspectives and experiences of her visionary educational work, at the heart of which was a rigorous and playful approach to learning infused with perceptual processes, challenging expectations of contemporary dance training in higher education.