Artists Forums

As an artist-led organisation, ID works in continual dialogue, collaboration and exchange with artists and aims to respond to changing currents and interests in the field. This is integral to how we work. All of ID’s staff are artists with freelance practices ‘outside’ our staff roles but in reality informing how we work within ID as well. This porosity and fluidity is something we are keen to hold onto.

One way in which we do this is by hosting forums on areas of particular current interest or concern. We see these forums as spaces for open-ended conversation, discussion and debate – with the emphasis on peer exchange rather than decision-making. We cherish these conversations for their own sake but also acknowledge that they do often influence curatorial directions and ideas for future initiatives. In this way we hope these forums are part of ID being genuinely responsive to and in service of artists.

Documentation from artists’ forums since 2021 will appear here, including Virtual Learning Forum 2021 , and Moving Modes of Encounter 2022.