Audio Dancing : a project by Gaby Agis

Audio Dancing - Churchill Gardens. Cleo Tabakian, Aoife P. Knight, Gaby Agis. Image : Derek Linzey

Audio Dancing is a series of audio scores composed by dance artist Gaby Agis and recorded in outdoor spaces across London – in parks, scrubland, housing estates, cemeteries, riverside beaches.

In each 30-minute audio score, Gaby provides a guided structure using rich and imaginative language for anyone to use wherever and whenever they choose. The scores were recorded outdoors but participants are welcome to use them inside or out. Participants are then invited to continue with their own practice—dancing, writing or drawing—before moving into the rest of their day.

Each audio score is followed by a recorded conversation between Gaby and a different guest artist in which they discuss their experience of the score and reflect on their own practice. Guests include Kathy Crick, Joseph Funnell, Rachel Gildea, Heni Hale, Mary Prestidge, Helen Rowsell, Owen Smith, Mickel Smithen, Eve Stainton, Cléo Tabakian, Vicky Thompson and Florence Uniacke.

⁠”Dancing with this land in Sicily whilst imagining you dancing in the UK allowed me to sense alive threads of connection between the two places. It was a needed ritual that allowed me to feel more grounded, find lightness and importantly reconnect with the creative spark that fuels my relationship with this landscape” Vanessa Grasse

Commissioned by Independent Dance, Audio Dancing was originally conceived as a response to the pandemic to offer dance artists and practitioners further ways of engaging with practice in their own time and environments. We are delighted to continue to make it available to practitioners to use in their own time and space.

Further credits
Harry Barnes: sound editor
Aoife P. Knight: sound recordist
Iarla P. Knight: sound recordist
Mars West: sound recordist
Derek Linzey: photographer

Gaby Agis is a choreographer, teacher and dancer living in London. She has been making performances for the past four decades – both nationally and internationally – collaborating with artists from a wide range of fields: from architecture to opera to sculpture to film. She has created many site-specific works – for hospitals, train stations, museums, art galleries and theatres – sat on the boards of several dance organizations, acted as a director of her own company and worked as a dance curator. Gaby has taught the Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) throughout the UK, USA, Turkey and Europe for the past 30 years. This technique has been intrinsic to her creative practice.

Audio Dancing is an Independent Dance commission produced by Gaby Agis in partnership with Independent Dance and supported through public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.