ID ONLINE (2020–21)

In March 2020 Siobhan Davies Studios closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ID moved online, delivering the Investigative Practice module of MA Creative Practice led by Florence Peake, and a public programme of daily classes and creative sessions.

Teaching artists who had been invited to lead class in the studio adapted their material to offer sessions live on Zoom, downloadable audio scores and resources to delve into. Of course lockdown conditions were necessary for longer than most of us had anticipated, and our public programme continued online – and partly outdoors – for over a year.

We thank all the artists again for adapting to and within such difficult conditions, and for generously continuing to share their practice with an extended community of participating artists around the world. One of the unexpected outcomes of this bewildering challenging period for us has been the transnational reach of the programme during this time, with 4000+ artists joining from 52 countries. We are looking at ways to continue to offer some online programming alongside a return to the studio in the coming year.

ID ONLINE teaching artists : Barbara Mahler / Eve Stainton / Alexandrina Hemsley / Samir Kennedy / Florence Peake / Luke Birch / Susanna Recchia / Stefan Jovanović / Mary Pearson / Gaby Agis / Sherwood Chen / Laura Doehler / Henry Montes / Marina Collard / Amarnah Amuludun / Jamila Johnson-Small / Ay de la Fe / Sung Im Her / Beatrice Allegranti / Gerrard Martin / Seke Chimutengwende / Matthew Harding / Sally Dean / Alexandra Baybutt / Bisola Bello / Adriana Pegorer / Sophie Arstall / Eva Karczag / Amy Voris / Thomas Kampe & Caroline Scott / Andrea Buckley / Anne Gaëlle Thiriot & Petra Söör / Lucia Walker / Francis Angol / Jean Abreu / Kate Brown / Simonetta Alessandri / Mary Pearson / Colleen Bartley / Rainer Knupp / Rosalie Wahlfird / Jessica Lerner / Yumino Seki

ID OUTDOORS teaching artists : Rahel Vonmoos / Katye Coe / Zoë Solomons / Rainer Knupp

For summer 2021, ID invited Seke Chimutengwende to curate the morning classes programme. Classes were again in virtual and outdoor space, this time offering a range of approaches to choreography and considering how to come together through practice in these new, changeable and delicate times.

Invited by Seke, these classes were led by teaching artists Charlie Ashwell, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Akeim-Toussaint Buck, Laila Diallo and Charlotte Spencer.