Intimacy and the Civic : a series of talks

Nita Little by Tunisphoto (2019)

This year ID is replacing our long-running Crossing Borders talks with a new series of conversations between artists taking the title Intimacy and the Civic as a starting point. We are producing this new series in partnership with Sadler’s Wells and Roehampton University, with events happening at each host organisation as well as online over the coming year.

Intimacy implies a porosity of the edges between self and other, bodily and emotional entanglements, lines that become knotted, notions of care and kinship and also the potential for transgression. The civic implies social organising, boundaries, mechanisms and rules, but also shared spaces holding diverse cultures and functions.

Consciousness around both ‘intimacy’ and the ‘civic’ is of course so heightened at the moment, with pandemic restrictions to touch and proximity bringing about both a longing for, but also a fear, of intimacy. The incalculable losses of this pandemic period coexist with an urgent need to pay attention to our civic structures and social responsibilities, and to social justice; a widespread desire to make change and not to return to ‘normal’.

We are curious about the ways these notions might meet, seemingly so at odds with each other. And what is the place and the potency of dance within all of this? How can dance enable cohesion, and repair?

The first Intimacy and the Civic conversation, between artists Vanessa Grasse and Nita Little, took place as part of our International Festival of Learning in summer 2021. Further events in the series will be announced in due course.