Kinesthesia (2021)

Peace I Lemon by Sayaka Katsumoto
Peace Lemon by Sayaka Katsumoto

Bringing together wide interests in dance, somatic practices, experimental film and sensory ethnography, Kinesthesia Festival invited audiences to experience film and moving image work from an embodied perspective, considering the whole range of sensory experiences, including visceral, proprioceptive and haptic awareness.

Initiated by artists Dominique Rivoal and Claire Loussouarn, Kinesthesia was curated and produced collectively by them, freelance film curator Gitta Wigro and Independent Dance in partnership with Middlesex University. The programmed works were found via an international open call, and selected by the festival team with guest panellist Adesola Akinleye. Work by 30+ artists from around the world was presented at Middlesex University and online.

This 3-day edition of the festival combined screenings, short workshops, installations and talks that attend to the subtler felt sense of the body.

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Keynote talk by Karen Wood and Rosa Cisneros

Films : Adesola Akinleye / Alexa Velez / Alice Gale-Feeny / Anna Macdonald / Better Lovers, Hsin-Yu Chen / Bo Lee / Chan Sze-Wei / Charli Brissey / Collectivo Confluenze / Corina Andrian (Red-Cor) / David Belotti / Emma Lindsay / Fenia Kotsopoulou / Filomena Rusciano / Gustavo Gomes / Helanius J.Wilkins, Roma Flowers / Jack Thompson / Katsura Isobe / Kimberley Harvey & Mark Fitzgerald / Lynne Sachs & Lizzie Olesker / Mary Trunk / Mary Wycherley / Michaela Gerussi and Tracy Valcarel / Michal Krawczyk / Naomi Midgelow / Sandra Alland

Installations : Claire Loussouarn & Dominique Rivoal / Nic Sandiland & Yael Flexer / Sayaka Katsumoto / Angela Woodhouse & Caroline Broadhead

Performance installation : Margarita Zafrilla Olayo and Pato Bosich

Short workshops : Susan Sentler & Glenna Batson / Mira Hirtz / Sumedha Bhattacharyya & Bhargavi Gopalan / Heike Salzer / Claire Loussouarn