In early 2021, ID ran a project called VIRTUAL SPACE, intended as a forum for artists who teach to share knowledges, questions, concerns and challenges connected with teaching online. A huge amount of learning in this sphere has evolved by necessity during the pandemic and our intention was to offer a space in which to pool some of this and support each other’s learning.

Through funding from ACE Culture Recovery Fund, paid places were offered to 50 artists. All artists who have taught with ID in recent years were invited to take part.

These discussions were facilitated online by a different guest artist; in January we welcomed Colleen Bartley, and in February, Amy Voris. They offered short introductions followed by prompts for breakout sessions and whole group conversations. Topics included but were not limited to: challenges, pros and cons, impacts and affects, technical issues, fatigue, inclusivity, peer support. 

With an emphasis on co-learning; VIRTUAL SPACE is a forum for sharing ideas, problematics or even benefits of online practice.

Here below is a summary document of findings and resources shared from the two events.